Forever Families Filming

After eight fabulous years with news anchor Jennifer Borget on Time Warner Cable/Spectrum News, Partnerships for Children has entered an exciting new partnership with CBS Austin for our Forever Families segments!

Forever Families began airing Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 on CBS Austin’s 6:30 evening news with reporter Lindsay Liepman. Segments will air weekly on Wednesdays, as well as some weekday mornings, in an effort to recruit adoptive families for children in the Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

The segments are filmed at local kid friendly businesses and feature children in foster care in Central Texas who are awaiting adoption. We love partnering with local businesses! The goal is to provide a great memory for a waiting child from the Heart Gallery of Central Texas. It is all about the child having the experience and sharing who they are.

Each segment that is filmed is showcased on the child’s profile page in our Heart Gallery, and past segments are posted on the TWC/Spectrum News Austin website.

Segment History: Forever Families started 13 years ago in April of 2004 with Amy Hadley who at the time worked for News 8 Austin which then became YNN, and is today known as Spectrum. She launched and established the weekly segment, and worked tirelessly for 4+ years to raise awareness about children awaiting a forever family. After Amy left, Catie Beck took over the segment for a year before Jennifer Borget stepped in and started leading the segment.

If you are a local family friendly business that would like to open your doors and host a Forever Families Filming, please fill out the form below. This is a great way to give something special to the most vulnerable members of our community, and to introduce them to prospective adoptive families.